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Selenite, Lapis, & Onyx Bangili

Selenite, Lapis, & Onyx Bangili

Selenite properties: 


  • Used for purification
  • Cleanses the chakras and the aura
  • Encourages new friendships
  • Promotes love and empathy
  • Promotes peace and harmony
  • Clears out mental clutter and stagnant energy


Chakra: Crown

Bead size: 8mm


Lapis properties:


  • Clear and open communication
  • Help a person to find their own unique voice
  • Enhance clairvoyance
  • Aid in difficult decision-making


Chakra: Throat

Bead size: 8mm


  • Black Onyx properties:
  • Amplifies intentions
  • Protection against negative energy,
  • Self-control


Chakra: Root

Bead size: 8mm

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